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We are excited to announce that we moved from the old Street Art(503 n dirksen), to the building which was once wright automotive, directly across the street(530 n dirksen)! The old street art was cramped, and holding us back from all the demand(especially for tint, because we are the best!) Now we have 4 bays to work out of, double what we had at the old place... and a great new showroom! Its still a work in progress, but we are fully operational, come see us! Stay up to date, as we will be releasing some promotions in the near future! 11232129_879600302124033_4194632645225074413_n 11892225_879600242124039_7484089334918978504_n 11949530_879600358790694_3244424572951243352_n

Proud Seller of Undercover





We sell a lot of Undercover truck bed covers at Street Art for a good reason, they make a great products. They offer many different style for all those different tastes and needs. The first thing I always ask people buying a cover is "what do you use your truck bed for?" If you need security and are not concerned about hauling large items that stick up out of the bed then the "Classic" would right for you. It's a strong tough cover with two locks on each side and as weather tight as they come. If you want something a little more luxurious you could go with the painted to match "Lux" or "Elite" cover. Just give me your VIN number off your truck and I'll have a cover that is factory painted exact. If your need something tough but flexible, easy to take on and off you must consider the "FLEX" cover. The cover is lightweight, durable, and low profile to be more pleasing to the eye. The best part of the cover is it folds up in three sections all the way to the back of the cab and can be removed in seconds. We have working displays of all of these models in our showroom, please stop by and see us and get your Undercover at Street Art 217-744-2500

We do Rhino Liners!

We do Rhino! Well, we have been Rhino lining trucks for awhile now but it's news for the website. We are proud to use the quality brand of Rhino Linings in our store. There is no comparison when it comes to liners on the market, everyone asks for Rhino. We use a approved Rhino Product which is basically a elastomeric polyurethane coating that can be sprayed on to any surface. Our primary business is doing the truck bed and rocker panels. The process takes about 4 hours and we let it cure for you to pick up by the end of the day. Our Rhino lined trucks sport a unique texture that helps combat the slipping and sliding that happens with traditional drop in plastic liners. With it being Scratch Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, and guaranteed not to chip or peel Rhino Liner proves to be as tough as nails!

Rhino Liner Street Art 2Rhino Liner Street Art 1

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Name: Dallas & Kandy Ashford
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